What is PPSSPP and how to install and use it?

2020 is the Golden Age of Gaming. Mobile Games like PUBG, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, etc. are hits, and the gaming industry has been evolving.
But what about classic old school video games?
Many people still wanted to play them on their PC and mobiles. But the problem is, they are mostly outdated and hardly available.
No worries! PPSSPP is the solution.

PPSSPP is the PSP emulator app that uses ISO or CSO files to load your favorite PSP games in your own favorite android, I-device, and PC. No games are available with it but you have to use or download separate ISO or CSO extension files of your games to enjoy them in high definition.

PPSSPP Features

It is FREE and open-source software that lets you play PSP games with many extra features: