How to Install Gundam Battle Royale on Android - PPSSPP (ISO)

Today, you will learn how to install Gundam Battle Royale on your Android device. You can play it with the help of an emulator, PPSSPP. This simple step-by-step installation tutorial also includes a FREE download link of the game.

Now, let’s start our tutorial.

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Game Description

Gundam Battle Royale is an action simulation video game that was developed for PlayStation Portable (PSP) by Artdink. Bandai Namco Games released it only in Korea and Japan on October 5, 2006. 

Based on Japan’s anime series, Gundam, it includes the first two storylines: Mobile Suit Gundam and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. It has improved in the core gameplay of Tactics and other features compared to the previous installment. You can now even play up to four players in a battle royal mode through the wireless ad-hoc feature. There is a customization option where you can create a separate character.

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Screenshot of gameplay of Gundam Battle Royale Screenshot of gameplay of Gundam Battle Royale

How to Install Gundam battle royale on Android Steps

  1. First, install both PPSSPP & ZArchiver through the links below.
  2. Download Gundam Battle Royale file through the direct link.
  3. Unzip the zipped game file with ZArchiver app. Unzipping guide
  4. You will have extracted ISO file of Gundam Battle Royale.
  5. Finally, open PPSSPP & select the "Gundam Battle Royale.iso".

All Download Links

Download ZArchiver.apk
Download PPSSPP.apk
Download Gundam Battle Royale.iso